KaiRo.at Bug Bounty Program 2007:

Bug 270443

Port browser info bars to SeaMonkey

This item has been fixed by Teune van Steeg. Thanks for the work.

Work in this area was rewarded by KaiRo.at with a Bug Bounty of 100 USD!

bugzilla.mozilla.org report corresponding to this entry:
Bug 270443 – Port firefox info bars to SeaMonkey

Work description

Info or notification bars appear at the top of browser content and inform the user of some problem triggered by and closely related to the content for which rendering doesn't have to be blocked by a popup window or error page, but which the user has to be told of. Examples for that are blocking an XPI installation the page (or a link click there) triggered, notification that a plugin required by the page couldn't be found or information that the browser's automatic user agent spoofing has been invoked, allowing access to the page through pretending to be a different browser. Most of the support for this should be already there in the XULRunner toolkit, it just need to be hooked up into the SeaMonkey browser.

The full bounty will be awarded if the notification bar functionality of the toolkit is fully hooked up into SeaMonkey, along with displaying such a notification bar when an XPI install is being blocked, making it possible to whitelist the site through the XPInstall Permission Manager UI.