KaiRo.at Bug Bounty Program 2007:

Bug 313822

Make Lightning work on SeaMonkey

Work in this area will be rewarded by KaiRo.at with a Bug Bounty of 200 USD!

bugzilla.mozilla.org report corresponding to this entry:
Bug 313822 – Make Lightning work on SeaMonkey

Work description

One of the most-requested features for SeaMonkey is a calendaring component. The Calendar project at mozilla.org has two variants of Mozilla-based calendar features working: On one side, a stand-alone calendaring application called Sunbird, on the other an extension that integrates well with Thunderbird mail and somewhat with the Firefox browser and provides calendering directly in those. While the Lightning extension worked quite satisfactory a while ago even with SeaMonkey, recent changes in how it integrates with Thunderbird made this more difficult. While the calendar project can't provide the workforce to maintain compatibility with other applications than Thunderbird, their contributors are willing to help the SeaMonkey project making the integration usable again - but someone needs to do the actual work.

The full bug bounty will be awarded for making Lightning integration work and calendaring usable in SeaMonkey, including switching between mail view and calendar view in SeaMonkey's mail component, and including the display of Lightning preferences, either in the reworked SeaMonkey preferences window or in a separate window called from the extension manager.