KaiRo.at Bug Bounty Program 2007:

Bug 387416

Dynamic UA Spoofing Mechanism

Work in this area will be rewarded by KaiRo.at with a Bug Bounty of 1000 USD!

bugzilla.mozilla.org report corresponding to this entry:
Bug 387416 – Implement a dynamic UA spoofing mechanism

Work description

This project aims to add completely new functionality on both the client and server sides, as described on the Dynamic UA Spoofing Mechanism concept page on Mozilla wiki.

The bug bounty will be awarded for the client side and the basics of the server side, i.e. only those parts existing that the client side needs to interact with. The user contribution part of the server side does not have to be done for awarding this bounty.

As a sidenote, the client side functionality needs info/notification bars implemented for SeaMonkey, which is said to be trivially ported from the Firefox implementation, but has not been done yet.