KaiRo.at Bug Bounty Program

The Bug Bounty Program started in 2007 by KaiRo.at - Robert Kaiser IT-Services ("KaiRo.at") tries to encourage developers to get involved with SeaMonkey by rewarding them with some hard dollars for contributing important code to the SeaMonkey project.

As such, resolving certain bug reports that are recorded in Bugzilla in the way specified on the www.KaiRo.at pages will be awarded certain amounts of money.

The full amount as specified on subpages here will be awarded if one developer implements (the vast majority of) the solution to the report in the way described on the same subpage, gets positive reviews and drives the code into the main SeaMonkey codebase (in the mozilla.org repository) under the MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license common the mozilla.org code. If multiple developers take part in this development or the criteria set out on the pages here are not met completely, it's up to Robert Kaiser to decide who will get which amounts, but a fair solution will be targeted.

While KaiRo.at has the clear intent to complete this Bug Bounty Program as stated above, any unpaid bounties or the whole program can (theoretically) be withdrawn at any time without further notice. No obligations for KaiRo.at may arise from presenting or describing this program here or elsewhere, though KaiRo.at has a strong intent to execute this program as stated here.

KaiRo.at Bug Bounty Program 2007 - Bug List